Sedation Dentistry Types

Woman Having Dental Checkup

Is Sedation 100% Safe?

Yes, of course it is. If you are in hands of a qualified specialist, it is safe and extremely effective. In some cases, sedation might require you to get additional assessment from your doctor – some people with diabetes or heart condition might not qualify for sedation. Some of the stronger methods might also require some preparation and recovery time. We asked a specialists from ADDC Dental Clicnic

What types of sedation dentistry are the most popular?

Professional dentistry clinic should offer all of the types of sedation, however as it requires a specific machinery and highly qualified staff, in most cases you can come across only the basic, sedation techniques. Anyway here are the most popular ones with a short description:

  • Inhalation aka “Laughing Gas” method. Using the Nitrous Oxide, which is inhaled by the patient through the nose. This method is the most popular and does not require any preparation. Works pretty quickly, however is not that strong. Patient remains conscious, however doesn’t feel the anxiety or any type of fear from the dental procedures.
  • Oral method – patient takes a pill with a specific medicine. This method doesn’t work instantly, it might take from 30 minutes to one hour for the pill to take effect. If is stronger, and requires a recovery time of at least two hours. In some countries you won’t be able to drive back home as it is against the law to drive after this sort od medical procedure.
  • IV sSedation, the strongest method available. Medications are injected straight into patient’s vein. Works almost instantly and puts patient to sleep. Recovery time is needed this time as well. This is probably the best method for all the patients with high anxiety levels.

How long sedation works?

  1. Laughing gas stops working after around few minutes after the treatment stops.
  2. Pills  might still work even after couple of hours after the treatment is over. Having at least half a day rest is advised. As mentioned above, you shouldn’t drive a car straight after the procedure.
  3. IV Sedation lasts the longest and stops working after couple of hours. You need to organise a transportation from the clinic as you wont be able to drive as well.

How does it feel?

All your phobias and axiety will be gone. You will feel warm and pleasant and also extremely relaxed and safe. You might not remember that you were having any dental treatment. When the strongest method is used, you fell asleep, and remain unconscious.